How to Break Into a Roller Garage Door

If you’ve ever wanted to break into a roller garage door, you might be wondering how to do it. One way to get in is to drill holes in the track. The vertical door track may be already pre-drilled, but if not, you can drill holes yourself. Be sure to drill holes slightly above the first roller at the bottom of the door. Locking the track makes it much more difficult to pry open, so it’s best to lock it with a C-clamp or key padlock. You should also remove the door lock before engaging the opener.

Easy to break

If you live in an area where a roller garage door is installed, you may be concerned that it’s easy to break into. But it’s actually not that hard, and you can do it yourself in a matter of minutes! The key is to remember a few simple tips to keep the door secure. Firstly, engage the lock on your garage door. An average exterior lock can be picked easily, so you need to install a high-quality locking system. Second, install padlocks over the rollers to prevent access. You may need to drill holes in the track to install padlocks, so be sure to keep them in place until you return from vacation.

Thirdly, always keep an eye on the locks. Roller garage doors with single euro cylinders have a low-grade lock. It is therefore essential to replace these with British Standard locks with three stars – a police-approved rating. And never forget to secure your entry doors. uPVC doors should have British Standard 3 Star locks, while wooden doors should be fitted with BS 3621 mortice or sash locks. Also, be aware of windows. If you live in an area where burglars are active, keep your windows locked as well.

Leverage points

In order to open a roller garage door, you must know how to break into it using leverage points. This technique is most effective for outward swinging double side hinged doors, sectional overhead doors and roller shutters. In addition, you need two 14-inch steel rods that fit in the door’s hinges. Make sure that the rods have the right length for leverage purposes and are installed internally. The slats should also lock into each other when closed, making car jacking easier.

Wire coat hanger

You can break into a locked garage with a wire coat hanger. The key to doing so is to drive the wire coat hanger inside the door. Once inside, you can hook the end of the hanger onto the emergency release cord and pull the door open. Be sure to unhook the cord afterward. This will prevent anyone from forcing entry into your garage. Regardless of how you get inside, your insurance company will likely not reimburse you unless you can prove that you forced entry.

If the emergency release mechanism on your garage door doesn’t open automatically, you can trigger it by hooking the wire coat hanger onto it. Then, using a zip tie, pull the emergency release lever until you hear it release. If you’re lucky, you might be able to force it open by hand without damaging your garage. Otherwise, it may be necessary to break the emergency release latch to free yourself from the lock.

Fixing a loose track

A broken track on a roller garage door is the number one cause of it not working properly. If you do not have a professional to repair it, there are several steps you can take yourself. First, you should check the tracks for alignment. If they are not aligned, you may have to loosen a few bolts that hold the bottom bracket of the track. A loose track can cause the rollers to come off completely. To avoid this problem, you can use a piece of wood and a rubber mallet. In case the tracks are bent, use a level to check the alignment.

Another common cause of off-track rollers is lack of lubrication. This is why lubrication is essential for garage door rollers. If you can’t find the cause, you can use a hammer and rubber mallet to re-align the rollers. However, if the tracks are damaged beyond repair, you should replace them. This way, the rollers will function correctly without the hassle of replacing them.

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