To build a strong and sturdy pillar, it is important to know how to use QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout. QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout is made of concrete blocks, and comes in two different grades – Coarse and Fine. After setting the footing, you must pour mortar into the drilled holes and spread it evenly around the base of the column. This will make the column balanced.

QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout – Coarse

QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout is a Portland cement based, flowable grout that can be pumped or poured into masonry block cores. It meets ASTM C476 performance requirements. QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout is best suited for filling masonry block cores without segregation. It’s a versatile product for a variety of applications, including building a concrete block pillar.

The proportion and performance specification in ASTM C476 are critical to a successful QUIKRETE Concrete Block Pillar. The coarse mix should contain at least two and a half times the cementitious materials. The fine mix should have an s/a ratio of 1 to 2. These requirements correspond to the s/a ratios of most self-consolidating concrete mix designs.

QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout – Fine

QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout is a Portland cement-based grout that is designed to flow into masonry block cores without segregation or shrinkage. The grout is flowable and meets the performance requirements of ASTM C476 for masonry grouts. Its fine consistency allows for easy mixing and placement without any admixture. For building concrete block pillars, QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout is a perfect choice.

To use QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout for a concrete block pillar, mix it according to the specifications of your project. Use a concrete block calculator to find the number of blocks and voids in your project. You will need about 8 to 11 cubic inches of core fill for each concrete block pillar. Using a volume calculator will simplify the process.

QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout is a cement-based mixture used to fill concrete masonry cells. It is often used to fill bond beams and horizontal concrete block pillars. It is also used in screen walls to increase structural strength. For the most accurate results, mix QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout in an appropriate size bucket. If your project calls for more grout, order a bulk bag and keep a digital copy of the proportions.

After placing the rebar in the base, pour QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout around each masonry core. For masonry cores under four inches wide, use QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout. Use QUIKRETE Core Fill Grout in vertical mortar joints as well. After grouting, use a saw or chip away a portion of the web.

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