How to Build a Garage Apartment Cheaply

If you’re looking for an affordable place to live, consider turning your garage into a small apartment. You won’t have to spend a fortune to build your own apartment, and you can even save that money for an additional property you want to buy. After all, you’ll need a place to live when you get older, and a garage apartment is the perfect place to do that. Although not everyone needs to build their own apartment, many people have a detached garage that’s the perfect place to turn into a small apartment.

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If you’re planning to build a garage apartment, you’ll likely be surprised to learn that the total cost will be much higher than the original garage price. The cost of plumbing, electricity, and appliances will go up, as will the costs of windows, cupboards, and even a bathtub. You may also want to add some other living spaces to your new structure, such as a loft or an office. However, this can be a very affordable option if you’re working with a limited budget.

While a garage apartment is often safer than any other type of apartment, it has specific issues that are important to address. You can also choose the right location to build your new apartment, but you need to consider where it will fit in with your house. Most people add a garage apartment to their existing house. If you have space in your garage, consider building it higher or lower. You can choose to build up and out or add a second story.


If you are considering building a garage apartment, you may be wondering what style to choose. Contemporary garage apartments have a wrap-around balcony and are ideal for renting out to guests. This style offers two bedrooms, a double-sink hall bathroom, and a full bathroom on the ground floor. Whether you want a modern or traditional style, these apartments are sure to impress. A garage apartment is also an excellent choice if you want a home-like atmosphere without sacrificing space.

When looking for a design for your garage apartment, remember that the purpose of the space should be flexible. You can use it for a variety of purposes, from a guest room for out-of-town guests to a studio for your business. A garage apartment will also increase the value of your home, so consider the space wisely. Building a garage apartment is not cheap, but if you have the skills and experience, you can save money.


You can create a garage apartment on your property. You can either build it on top of the existing garage or within its walls. Whether you are building above an existing garage or attached to the main house, you will need to consider the location and access to the unit. The size of the garage apartment will determine its square footage and may not have a communicating door with the main house. Garage apartments are sometimes referred to as accessory dwelling units (ADUs), which are similar to English basements.

Garage apartments are generally smaller than traditional apartments. They can be 240 square feet or even 400 square feet. They are usually bigger if they are built over a garage that houses three or more cars. Those with a three-car garage typically have larger garage apartments, though these are in the minority. Generally, a garage apartment should be no more than one-third of the space of a traditional apartment. To find the perfect size for your space, check out a variety of plans.


There are many ways to save money and make your own garage apartment. Garage apartments can be small, and they may contain the same amenities as one or two bedroom apartments. They can also be connected to each other, which can make the space brighter and more livable. Building a garage apartment also requires planning and a budget. If you want to have a great looking garage apartment, consider consulting a professional.

If you’ve bought land, consider converting your garage into a small apartment. This way, you can live there until you’re ready to build a house on the land. In the meantime, you can save money and make a better investment in real estate. Moreover, if you’re retired and don’t want to move, this space may serve as a perfect retirement home. If you have an extra room in your garage, you can turn it into a studio or a guest room. You can rent it out on Airbnb or in other places. Of course, you’ll want to check local laws before renting it out to anyone. Alternatively, you can offer temporary housing to struggling relatives and help them learn to live on their own.

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