How to Build a Garage Door

If you’re considering building your own garage door, you should consider the materials and time required for the project. While there are some drawbacks to building your own garage door, you can build it yourself and save a lot of money. Here are a few tips to make the project go smoothly. Here are some of the materials you should have on hand and some time-saving tips. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!

Cost of a garage door

The cost to build a garage door is dependent on the style you want. There are dozens of styles available, and some of them are only available as custom-made options. However, there are also many popular stock styles available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The most popular style is the paneled one, which will cost between $700 and $2,000. It is the easiest to customize and is affordable enough for most homes.

The cost for a double garage door varies. A basic model can cost up to $800, and a more elaborate door costs anywhere from $3,500 to $4,500. Most contractors will price out the door, labor, and hardware and tracks, but the design of the door can add to the cost. In addition to price, the time to install the door should also be factored in. If you need the door to be installed quickly, a double-door is a good choice.


Choosing a material for your garage door is important, whether you want a traditional, carriage-style, or contemporary design. You should also consider the climate you live in when deciding on a particular material. Wood is the traditional material for garage doors, but it is susceptible to changes in outside temperatures and frequent exposure to moisture. Fiberglass is an alternative to wood, and it closely mimics the grain texture of authentic wood. It will not warp, crack, or shrink under extreme climates. Various types of fiberglass doors are available, including those with raised panels and carriage house designs.

Aluminum doors have many advantages, including allowing more natural light into your garage. They are also lighter than steel, but they tend to dent easily and have a lower R-value. While they are cheaper than steel, they do not offer as much insulation. If you live in a salty environment, fiberglass is a great choice. Fiberglass panels are stronger and dent-resistant than steel, and they are easier to clean and maintain than steel.

Time required to build a garage door

Whether you’re building a new garage or replacing an existing one, there’s one important factor that determines the amount of time it will take to install your new door: size. If your existing door is 16 feet long, you can install a 16-foot door in as little as three hours. A professional installation team can use existing brackets, wiring, and weather conditions to speed up the process. Here are some things to consider before starting the project.

Installation of a new garage door can take approximately three hours, although larger doors may require some extra work. A qualified installer can install a new garage door in a few hours, while a replacement will take several additional steps. Typically, a smaller garage door takes less time to install than a larger one. The installation time will vary based on the type of door and the size of the opening. Also, you might need to make modifications to the opening so that the new door can fit in place.

Drawbacks of building a garage door

If you are considering building a garage door, you’ll need to know how much insulation you’ll need. Depending on the zone you live in, your garage door should have an R Value of between R-13 and R-25. The higher the R Value, the better. Higher R Values require special manufacturing and additional cost. You might not even be able to install a high-efficiency door in your garage.

A swinging garage door doesn’t have an overhead track, which is an issue in some areas, especially in urban areas. Additionally, homeowners in urban areas often have narrow lots, so a carriage-style garage door would be impractical. Those concerns may make it difficult for you to install a garage door that fits perfectly into your driveway. If you don’t have an overhead track, however, you can still install a door with minimal hassle.

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