How to Build a House in Icarus

There are a few different strategies that can help you achieve your goal of building an amazing house in Icarus. One of these strategies is to construct a wooden roof, adjacent to a mountain. Although this type of roof can easily crumble due to texture overlap, it can be rotated with wooden walls and protect your player from harsh weather elements. Building a wooden roof at an angle can also be helpful for a few reasons, including protecting you from falling rocks.


Before you begin building, you’ll need to craft enough Thatch Walls and Floors. Then, set up the floor panels and surround them with walls. Walls have one side that is camouflaged, which will provide protection from predators. Add more Thatch Floors and Roofs to create a proper shelter. The first goal of your base should be to provide shelter against hostile creatures. Fortunately, this is easier said than done. Here are some helpful tips.

First, remember that buildings in Icarus simulate structural integrity. A well-built building will be able to support large weights, while an unprotected structure will collapse. You can also add beams to structures to spread the load. Remember that you’re playing a beta version of the game, so make sure to experiment with the graphics settings to achieve the best possible results. Depending on what type of material you’ve crafted, you can build more than one structure at a time.


To construct a structure in Icarus, you must first gather materials. In Icarus, you can obtain various building materials, such as wood, stone, and stone. By acquiring these resources, you will be able to allocate your skill points in more efficient ways. Building a simple shelter can take a few minutes, but it will be beneficial to have the necessary materials. This will ensure that your shelter is safe and provides a comfortable place to stay for long periods of time.

Before you can start building, you must first decide which type of material to use for the structure. Each type has distinct advantages and disadvantages. If you want a simple, fast-build, and inexpensive structure, you should opt for Thatch Building Pieces, which you can unlocked early in the Tech Tree. Thatch, unlike stone or steel, is flammable and vulnerable to storm damage. Concrete, on the other hand, cannot be unlocked until Tier 3 and requires large amounts of Silica Ore, Stone, or Steel. The benefits of concrete building pieces are durability, but you should be careful when selecting which material to use.


As with any survival crafting game, crafting in Icarus requires you to gather resources. Water and berries are easily obtained by walking through a forest or lake. You can also harvest food items, which you can carry around with you, including cooked meat and bread. To harvest these items, you will need to equip yourself with a stone pickaxe. You can find a stone pickaxe while walking around Icarus. While you are gathering resources, you may want to take note of where you can collect them.

There are several different types of materials you can use in crafting, depending on your level and equipment. You can also raise the basic characteristics of an item with tempering. Tempering is the process of modernizing equipment, while hardening makes it stronger. For weapons, hardening is the easiest way to upgrade them. While tempering is the most common way to upgrade weapons, it’s not the only way to increase their basic attributes.

Exposure mechanics

When building in Icarus, you must keep in mind that the exposure mechanic can negatively impact the game. This mechanic will periodically remind you to use shelters, because if you’re out in the open, your exposure bar will fill up. Eventually, your character’s stamina will deplete, and you’ll be slow to move. If you get too much exposure, you may even die. As such, it’s important to use a shelter and build a campfire. If you do not have a shelter, dismantle it and put materials back into your inventory. If you’re stuck in a cave, be careful, because a worm could burrow into it.

There are several different building materials in Icarus. By unlocking them, you can allocate skill points to them. Building structures with the proper materials will help you survive harsh conditions. For example, wooden walls are best for small shelters. You can also use roof structures to create a larger shelter. If you don’t want to build a full shelter, you can use roof structures and doors. Building these types of structures will require you to put in six wooden walls, as well as rooftop blueprints. There are many ways to customize a shelter to suit your needs and style.

Building at an angle

When building at an angle, you will be able to view the ground below you. You can also rotate the wooden walls to protect yourself from the elements. To build at an angle, you must first snipe an animal. Then, you can use building materials to construct walls, floors, and roofs. Finally, place benches. You can place Skinning Bench, Trophy Bench, Textiles Bench, and Rain Reservoir benches.

First, you must have a base. You can use this base to build a small shelter, but there is no way to place a door on its own. In addition, you must place windows and doors on your house, as well as an Oxidizer. These will provide a steady supply of oxygen. You can also use doors to enter and exit your home. In order to construct these structures, you need to have six wooden walls.

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