If you are planning to write a story for your children, try creating a how-to snowman writing template. Make sure that the writing template is printed front-to-back with the words “first, next” on the back. Next, fold the paper vertically with a horizontal crease through the middle. Cut the paper along the horizontal crease, stopping at the center of the snowman’s face. This should make a booklet of about 1/4 of a page of printer paper.

Write a biography about Frosty the Snowman

When you think of Christmas, you may immediately picture the beloved character Frosty the Snowman. This Rankin/Bass Christmas special first aired on CBS in 1969. The story follows the adventures of a snowman who is brought to life with the help of his magic top hat. The movie was produced by Mushi Productions and directed by Osamu Dezaki. Its artwork was created by Paul Coker Jr., a well-known comic artist who worked for MAD Magazine.

The story began in 1923, when a young girl named Frosty placed a tall black hat on the snowman. The hat was a gift from her great-grandpa and had a special place in his heart. Then, Frosty began dancing in the yard and singing Christmas carols. Soon, dad realized that the old hat his great-grandpa gave him was filled with magical dust.

The book contains several interesting details that can inspire a personal essay. For example, Frosty’s story follows his journey from childhood to adulthood, and how he becomes the beloved Christmas character we know today. As a writer, you have the freedom to explore his life and career in a fresh light. You may want to incorporate some of the characters from the movie into your own story. Ultimately, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn about the beloved character, Frosty.

Write a mystery story about a snowman’s disappearance

If you’re writing a holiday story, why not make the mystery about a snowman’s disappearance? This prompt can be from a Disney movie or your own imagination. The key is to use your imagination and a bit of research to come up with a creative story. After all, a snowman is a common theme among kids, so why not give your readers a story that revolves around it?

You could also create your own version of the story: a young boy wakes up one morning to find his missing mother wrapped in a scarf. The child, however, is horrified to discover that the scarf was a gift from his mother to her. A little research later, he discovers that there are a rash of missing women in the area. Another woman appears, which proves that the serial killer is operating in the area.

A mystery story about a missing snowman might revolve around a girl who has disappeared while leaving her son alone at home. Her husband is a complicated professor of physics, and his calendar contains a complicated code. Using his research, he cracks the code and discovers that the missing girl has twin daughters. The doctor, who also happens to be a friend of Arve Stop, then uses the snowman’s scarf to trace her.

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