How to Build Cotton Cookie in League of Legends

If you’re interested in playing Cotton Cookie in League of Legends, then you’ve come to the right place. This support-type cookie possesses attack, support, and crowd control abilities, and combines them to serve multiple roles on the field. Read on to learn how to build this legendary character. After all, she’s one of the few characters that can perform three roles in one game. But what makes her so unique?

Cotton Cookie is a support-type cookie

The Epic Support class in the game is dominated by the support-type cookie, Cotton Cookie. This support-type character can heal allies as well as attack enemies. Her abilities include “A Warm Light” which uses the warmth of a lantern to heal allies, summoning a flock of sheep to attack enemies and increasing allies’ ATK power by 75%. Cotton Cookie can be an invaluable support to your team.

A support-type cookie, Cotton Cookie has a wool-lined coat and a shepherd’s crook. Her special skill summons sheep to fight with her and help her in battle. In addition to attacking enemies with her flock, she also has the ability to stun her enemies. The game added Cotton Cookie to the game in November 2021 along with Frost Queen Cookie, a Tier Epic unit.

She has attack, support, and crowd control abilities

The Epic Support Cookie, Cotton Cookie, is a versatile hero with attack, support, and crowd control abilities. He is ideal for a team that has front-line damage dealers, healers, or summoners. Cotton Cookie’s lantern restores HP and ATK to friends and summoned animals, and he is the perfect fit for any team. The Cotton Cookie summons sheep, which deal area damage and battle alongside his team.

Cocoa Cookie has a strong ranged attack. This support cookie can damage enemies from a distance, and leaves arrow marks. It is immune to debuffs, so it is an excellent choice for breaking single-target supports. Aside from this, Cocoa Cookie also heals allied allies at X3 speed. It is an ancient rated support character. These cookies are great for supporting players who are not yet ready for the swarming mobs.

She is a summoner

Yuri is a nymph with dark powers who has a knack for summoning animals. She prefers dragons, but summons any animal that she finds attractive. She is a loyal friend of her coven, but is also ruthless when it comes to shopping, especially clearance sales. Her favorite outfit is a witch costume, complete with stuffed dragon. Alternatively, you can go as Lady Draconus and wear a witch costume with a stuffed dragon.

Her character looks like a beautiful girl, but her voice sounds like that of an elderly person. She is a master of both hermitage and summoning, and uses both techniques when fighting. According to a popular version of the game, Rydia is voiced by Noriko Shita, but Daniella Macey voices her in the NA DS version. While her appearance and personality is similar to that of Harry Potter, her powers are different.

She has multiple roles on the field

Cotton Cookie has several roles on the battlefield, including healing allies, summoning creatures, and dealing damage. The lantern she holds illuminates her in the arena. She has muted teal eyes and white hair, a blue and brown dress with a fur collar, and a wooden cane covered in cotton. If she is on cooldown, her ATK will be reduced. She is an excellent healer, but can fall short of survivability if a battle goes for more than a few minutes.

Her best-in-slot toppings are X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings

If you want to play the most efficient way to maximize her abilities, the Swift Chocolate Toppings build is the one for you. These Toppings grant her stun immunity, increase her DMG resist, reduce her CD, and heal her allies and enemies. In addition, Swift Chocolate Toppings increase her DMG Resist stats, which makes sense since she defends from the front. However, Swift Chocolate Toppings are not the only ones to be equipped on Cocoa Cookie.

While Swift Chocolate Toppings can give her DPS and CD reduction, Solid Almond Toppings boost her survivability. In addition to Swift Chocolate Toppings, she also gets increased damage resistance when using 5x Searing Raspberry Topping. These two Toppings can be mixed to get a more effective combo for her. While Swift Chocolate and Almonds are a good combo for Cookie lovers, you should consider using Swift Chocolate with these Toppings if you’re playing as a support character.

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