If you’ve ever wondered how to build Elise, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve outlined Her spell combo, Her primary damage ability, travel form, item build, and more! Continue reading for a closer look at her strengths and weaknesses! Hopefully these tips will help you improve your Elise play style! And don’t worry; we’ll still talk about other classes later!

Elise’s spell combo

During the early game, Elise can connect her Fearsome spell to deal Fearsome damage to her opponent. In addition to that, her Fearsome keyword allows her to do damage in the early game. As a result, Elise is a viable choice as a mirror. If you’re unsure of what to play against Elise, try using Trundle, a cheap but effective unit. Likewise, if your opponent plays Elise, you can try playing him with his Overwhelm keyword to push important damage.

During Elise’s initial level, she is equipped with two forms: human and spider. When she is in spider form, she gains spiderlings which deal magical damage. In addition, her siderlings gain increased movement speed as she gets closer to her target. These spells help to keep her combo pieces lethal. If you’re playing as an Elise, make sure to use them when necessary.

Her primary damage ability

‘Q’ is Elise’s primary damage ability. This ability scales based on enemy health and is a great lead-damage option. Elise begins her damage dealing in Human Form and finishes targets in Spider Form. Elise can also use this ability to secure objectives and follow it up immediately with smite. This skill summons a venom-gorged spider which explodes when it comes in contact with an enemy unit. The damage it deals to nearby enemies is magic damage.

Her basic attack also deals bonus magic damage and restores Elise’s health. During her Human Form, Elise can launch Neurotoxins and other special abilities, creating even more damage against healthy opponents. Her Spider form also provides her with navigation for tactical attacks, which will allow her to save mana. Moreover, Elise’s Spider form will grant her a bonus damage while in Human Form, which can increase her attack speed and deal magic damage.

Her travel form

When you play as Elise, you can build up her spider form and make her more dangerous. Spider form boosts her attack speed and reduces attack range while the other units suffer from decreased speed. The basic attack also deals magic damage, and if the target has high health, you can use the Human Form to deal damage to the target. Spider form, on the other hand, launches a venom-filled spiderling, which explodes near its target. The projectile hits a single enemy unit and stuns the first one that gets hit. The second enemy unit hit by the projectile is revealed by the swarm of spiderlings.

The Spider God appeared over Elise. They shared their powers and felt the benefits of their symbiosis. Elise’s ship was unharmed by the island’s spirits, and she returned to it unscathed. Elise’s ship finally reached the docks late at night. Despite her squishy damage output, she is a solid objective taker.

Her item build

If you are wondering “How to build Elise,” there are several ways to improve her game. Elise is a versatile champion, and she can deal damage in human form or spider form. She can use her bind spell and ward to deal damage, and she has access to strange ganking paths. In addition, Elise’s CC makes her relatively safe. However, there are certain things you should avoid while building Elise.

First, Elise’s ‘W’ is great for clearing jungle camps or waves. Its explosion is a great area of effect weapon. Moreover, her Volatile Spiderling increases her attack speed. This is particularly handy when sieging, and it allows Elise to quickly deal significant damage to opponents. Elise’s spider form is also a fantastic tool to deal damage to enemies when attacking rapidly.

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