How to Build Janna – A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Janna in World of Warcraft

If you want to build Janna with a great starting set, here are some tips for the S12 version of the character. First, we need to max out Eye of the Storm. Next, we should level up W Zephyr and Q Howling Gale. Once we have completed these steps, we will start building Janna. Here are some of the items you can use in this build:

Eye of the Storm

When you first start this short Expedition, you can’t see the core of the Eye of the Storm. This is where the loot explosion occurs. To get to the core of the Eye of the Storm, you must first capture three Obelisks around Yagak. The closer they are to each other, the better, as they won’t lose any shooting progress when you gather them close together. Once you capture one, you can then use your turret to kill the surviving enemies, allowing you time to recharge and repair your spells.

After a few days, the eye begins to crackle. It becomes a flying bird’s vision and Quill flies northward from Stormchaser towards the Hawk’s Dawn Archipelago. His vision changes, as he sees lightning and sunlight. His vision is also more hazier, reminiscent of frosted glass and crystal. Ultimately, Quill’s quest is to find Solwynn’s insignia.

Glacial Augment

For a high-end tank, consider building a Janna with glacial augmentation. This item is extremely heavy on use, turning both GLP and Randuin into massive snares. It also buffs everything in Cho’gath’s kit. However, it’s a broken CC. We’ll talk more about the strengths of this item and how to use it.


While Janna is a fast squishier ADC with a lot of CC, her lack of hard engage means that she is unlikely to get many kills by herself, particularly at lower levels. Her squishy nature also makes it harder to ward bushes. This weakness makes her a poor choice for late game situations, where you may find yourself needing the support of your jungler.

Janna struggles against poke supports and sustain champions, due to her low range and her shield’s long cooldown. In addition, her shield can be baited out, and she lacks a strong disengage, making her a poor choice against these champions. Despite these shortcomings, she has a decent amount of damage for a support champion and a great escape/healer.


When it comes to building a janna, you must know what your options are. This spell is great for knockbacking and healing. It also serves as a useful disengage tool. You can use it to heal your team or kill enemies, but it is also very vulnerable to hard Crowd Control. If you plan on using it for tanking, you must focus on its healing. Here are some tips to make your janna more effective:

First, you need to know what items you can equip on your janna. Ardent Censer is a powerful item on Janna, giving bonus attack speed and magic damage to your allies while it is active. In addition, you should build up Harmonic Echo, which adds a healing effect to your 3rd, Eye of the Storm. Another way to build up Harmonic Echo is by casting abilities and moving. Other useful items are Athene’s Unholy Grail, which gives you an extra healing effect when you damage your enemies. Protector’s Vow is another item you can equip on Janna to protect yourself from enemies.


The best way to build an exhaust rune for Janna is to use it as a secondary rune. Exhaust reduces enemy champion movement speed by 20% and their damage by 40%. This is a useful skill to have in lane fights and to prevent enemies from resurrecting after taking a heavy hit. The downside is that it won’t be very effective on teamfights, but you can use it to help your ally survive.

In the first phase of the game, Janna’s main source of damage is her dash. If you’re able to poke your target, you can take advantage of her engaging tool to annihilate their health. This is a crucial aspect of Janna’s gameplay, and you should take advantage of it! You’ll be able to deal high damage to your enemies while gaining a large amount of health and mana.


As a support, Janna’s first skill should be upgraded to tier 2 before she can get wards. Her ultimate should be a recharged rage skill that heals nearby allies. While Janna’s first skill isn’t particularly powerful, it can be extremely helpful. A good build for this ability is one that grants a good balance between survivability and utility.

One of the key differences between the two Janna builds is her boots. You can play her with Boots of Swiftness or Ionian Boots of Lucidity, which can outrun any champion in the game. A second difference between Janna and other champions is her shield. The latter is more effective against all-ins and hard engages, but the former are great for protecting yourself. The latter makes Janna ideal for Solo Queue because she can defend your team and push enemies away.

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