If you have a small pan and want to bake two rounds of madeleines, you may want to reduce the batter quantity. While the second round bakes, the batter becomes stiffer. Unless you have a large pan, this difference shouldn’t make a big difference. Then, cover the madeleines and store them tightly in the refrigerator. When serving, you can remove the cookie from the pan and place them on a plate or cookie sheet.

She has a high AOE

The Madeleine cookie has a high AoE and is one of the most versatile cookies in the game. Its skill is one of the few that can help heal a character, and it pairs well with the self-buffing Pastry Cookie. Its weak spot is its damage, as its percentage modifier is not very impressive. Instead, it’s best to use the stronger Front cookie to replace it.

Another cookie you can use to support Madeleine is the Assassin’s Apprentice. This skill is a backline assassin, lacking killing power against late game spellcasters. If you are using this cookie, be sure to give her Searing Raspberries and send her in to mid after your frontliners have hammered the enemy formation. It’s important to note, however, that she doesn’t have a good ATK stat, so make sure you give her some Searing Raspberries when you use this skill.

She has a good defense

The Madeleine Cookie is a defensive mages class with huge hit points and an impressive defense stat. Its Damage Increase skill can increase your damage by 108 percent over 10 seconds. It also increases your defense by ten percent and makes you immune to debuffs for 10 seconds. While she isn’t the most powerful defense mages class, she is a good option if you’re in need of some extra protection.

As a melee character, Madeleine Cookie has good defense, which makes her a good choice for any team. However, she lacks an ATK stat, which makes it less appealing for a support class. However, her white armor and fancy sword provide a good level of protection against basic attacks, while her AOE piercing sword beams deal damage to enemies. The best use of her spell is to hide in mid, since it will increase your ATK stat.

She has a good relationship with espresso and latte

The relationship between Madeleine Cookie and Espresso and Latte is not that easy. It was not until Madeleine discovered that the two were actually cousins, that her relationship with the other cookie began to grow. Though they are still very close, their relationship is not a very good one. The relationship between the two cookies is very interesting, and you can learn more about it by reading the article below!

The first time they met, Espresso was flustered, so he goes to meet Madeleine and confess his feelings. Madeleine, on the other hand, mistakenly thinks that the two are trying to be friends. It took a few days for her to realize her feelings and decide to break the silence. After a few days, she realizes her feelings and screams into her pillow.

She has a good relationship with Dark Cacao

The Madeleine Cookie is a tank on the speed comp team. This is because she has an offensive skill and is good against teams with double-tanks. Her offensive skill should be her highest ATK speed substat, and her top item should be Caramel Arrow and Librarian’s Enchanted Robes. Madeleine Cookie’s toppings should be Whole Almond or Swift Chocolate, as this can give her a three-second arena start.

Espresso and Madeleine share a similar love story. They lived in a Republic that was being swallowed by civil war, and now the rival House of the Coffee Mages and the Paladins is threatening to swallow the White Lily Kingdom. Madeleine and Espresso had a romantic relationship in the past, but hid it because they were inseparable.

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