How to Build Shyvana in World of Warcraft

If you’re wondering how to build Shyvana, you’ve come to the right place! This guide covers Items and Runes, the Early Game, and Cannon Barrage. In addition to learning how to build Shyvana, you’ll also learn how to best use the Heroic skill, Titanic Hydra. Hopefully, these tips will help you improve your Shyvana’s performance in battle.


If you’ve been wondering how to build Shyvana, look no further. In this guide, we’ll explain the importance of the right Runes and the skill order to build your best Shyvana. Shyvana is a magical creature created from rune shards that can take the form of a fearsome dragon and burn opponents with its fiery breath. She excels at dealing mixed damage and taking down drakes, and is a very strong late game monster.

The main runes you need to build Shyvana are: Sterak’s Gage and Mastermind. The first two will give Shyvana excellent damage and HP while granting her the Lifeline passive. The other two are not essential, but can be useful for a teamfight or when you are in a position to use the passive abilities. Lastly, you can use the Runes to build Shyvana in a range of situations, like against enemy champions.


When it comes to team fights, Shyvana is not the best choice. While she has one long ranged skill, she can’t afford to use it on a single enemy. She can use the ultimate to deal massive damage, but she needs allies to CC her. To make life easier, she can buy items that slow enemies and give her an extra burst of Fury. Here are the items that you need to build Shyvana for optimal performance.

Among her core items, Trinity Force is essential. It grants good stats for a fighter. Spellblade, for instance, grants burst damage, and Sterak’s Gage gives her good HP and AD. Lifeline, meanwhile, grants a shield when her HP drops. These items are the foundation of Shyvana’s build, but they can be changed depending on the matchups you face.

Early game

One of the most popular champions in the early game is Shyvana, and one of the best ways to get it is to farm gold. Shyvana has some unique skills, such as being able to do objectives very quickly. She also has auto attacks that are marked with Flame Breath. She can also ping a team to take the objective, making her a versatile character. If you want to learn how to build Shyvana early, keep reading!

Dragon’s Descent is an absolutely crucial skill for the early game. This skill converts Shyvana to dragon form and deals massive damage. During the initial phase of this skill, Shyvana should only engage fights after she has acquired 100 fury. Flame Breath’s cast time is also a concern, as the enemy can escape the auto range before it hits Shyvana.

Cannon Barrage

To upgrade the Cannon Barrage, you must have the Tinh Anh Long Tribe. This formation is composed of six different Dragon Races. You can upgrade it up to three times. Once you have it, you can start defending yourself from enemies by firing waves of cannonballs at them. Once you have it, you can also upgrade it again until it’s the best for you.

You can synergize with Gangplank to win 52.6% of the time. Flame Breath is a great leveling spell and can be used against difficult lane opponents. You can also level up with Burnout, which gives you full duration and a speed boost, which increases your ganking potential. Finally, you can buy items that slow enemies to make them easier to kill.


If you’re looking to build Shyvana as your main shapeshifter, you’ll want to take into consideration the following composition: Early-game Nidalee, carry, and Shapeshifters. If you’re only tier two, consider swapping in a good tier two Shapeshifter like Jayce. Lastly, make sure you power-level your Shayvana to level eight.

To begin, you should equip Flame Breath, which gives you a significant amount of damage and movement speed bonus. After that, you’ll want to get Burnout and Twin Bite. Both of these skills are useful for dealing with a variety of enemies, including Raptors and Krugs. Afterward, you can use your new Flame Breath to gank the lane. You can then reset and buy items if needed.

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