How to Cool a Garage in Texas This Summer

Summertime in Texas is long and hot, so keeping cool is a necessity if you want to enjoy yourself. This is especially important for people with garages, as most of their activities happen during the day. The garage has to be kept cool all the time, so it’s crucial to find ways to reduce the heat. Here are some ideas to keep your garage cool this summer:


One of the best ways to cool your garage is with insulation. Garage doors often have multiple layers of insulation to keep out the heat. You can also add insulation to the walls of your garage. Batt insulation is inexpensive and easy to install. If you are unable to install batt insulation, you can still use an air conditioning unit. Just make sure to cover the insulation with drywall. You can also purchase an energy-star certified garage door.

Although you can install insulation yourself, if you’re unsure of how to go about it, you might want to consider hiring a professional. While you can do it yourself, the best insulation contractor will have years of experience in installing this type of insulation. Not only will they know how to properly install it, but they will also know where to look for air seepages. If you’re looking for a professional, consider hiring a contractor who has a lot of experience installing garage insulation.


In the summer, temperatures in Texas can reach 100 degrees, making ventilation essential for keeping the garage cool. Proper ventilation will force cooler air in while pushing hot air out. You should check the square footage of your garage by multiplying its height by its width. If your garage is closed up, there is no air circulation. A dehumidifier will minimize condensation in your garage. Several other methods include adding windows and fans.

The most common and cheapest method of cooling a garage is to open the door and the windows. This will help keep the air cool and prevent the garage from overheating. Open the windows in a cross-breeze fashion to maximize the airflow. When you’re working on projects in your garage, consider moving them outside. You’ll enjoy a cooler room temperature and a more pleasant atmosphere.


While fans are not the only way to keep your garage cool, they can also help you reduce the heat. Box fans are inexpensive and will allow for better air circulation in your garage. Purchasing a bigger fan is recommended, as they can cool the garage considerably. You may want to consider buying a commercial-sized one for around $100. To help reduce the heat from the sun, paint your garage a lighter color or install a new door.

A portable evaporative air cooler is another way to cool your garage. These work similar to portable air conditioners, but they don’t require a window connection. They use water-soaked pads to absorb heat and moisture. A fan pulls air through these pads, causing it to cool and release the cooler air. If you aren’t sure which type to purchase, read our guide to finding the best portable evaporative air cooler.

Swamp cooler

A swamp cooler works by passing warm air over a pad of wet media, which evaporates to cool the air. The cooling effect of the water in the pad is then transferred to the surrounding air, making it cooler and more humid. Swamp coolers are most effective in hot weather, so you may want to use one when the weather is hot and humid. Listed below are some factors to consider when choosing a swamp cooler for your garage.

A swamp cooler is useful for businesses, too, because it can help keep workers comfortable in places that aren’t air conditioned. Businesses such as garages, factories, and car lots can get unbearably hot during the summer, which can make them uncomfortable for business. A swamp cooler can provide a pleasant, humid air source to make people more productive. It can also be used to cool special events, like weddings, concerts, and festivals.

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