To keep your garage organized, you should find a way to organize extension cords. Organizing your extension cords will prevent you from having to untangle a tangled mass of cables. One way to store thin cords is to roll them up in paper towel rolls. These can hold the cords firmly in place. If you want to keep these cords hidden away, consider using a glass storage case.

Chain-link method

A chain-link method keeps extension cords in a tidy, manageable bundle. It’s also easy to transport and store. You can hang it from a wall hook or 5-gallon bucket and then pull it out when you need it. This method differs from the traditional around-the-arm coil method, as it introduces twists and turns into the cord. Moreover, the chain-link method cannot be used to stretch the cord across a large workspace.

Using a hook to hang the bundles is another convenient way to organize extension cords. You can use a paper towel roll to store thin cords. The roll will also keep the cords tangled in one place without causing any tangles. While hanging, you should make sure that the hook can support the weight of the bundle. It’s also helpful to keep the cables out of reach of children and pets.

Magnetic hooks

Magnetic hooks are great for storing extension cords, but you need a metallic surface to apply them. Magnetic hooks are also handy for organizing electrical wires, but they can be hard to use in certain locations. To make things easier, you can buy extension cord wraps, which are simple, plastic-based storage devices that hold extension cords. Newer versions are also available with grounded outlets. You can also purchase an extension cord wrap in various colors and patterns to brighten up your office, bedroom, or even car.

Another great option is Smartology hooks. They are a good wall-mounted solution if you have multiple extension cords. This device has multiple hooks and attaches to wall studs. It also comes in a 2-pack and can be easily hung to a 2×4 wall that spans several studs. Its 180-degree curl minimizes the chance of a cord getting tangled up and getting lost, and it’s best for shorter cords.

Retractable cable reels

Using a retractable cable reel is a practical and effective way to keep extension cords in your garage organized. This type of storage solution mounts the cord reel on moving equipment. As the reel moves away from the supporting member, the free end of the cord is fixed to the end. When the cord is fully retracted, the stopper secures the free end, and the drum retracts with a powerful spring tension.

This type of storage reel includes multiple on-board power outlets and a side handle that allows you to unwind the cord as needed. These units have many uses and are more versatile than traditional cord holders. They help you keep extension cords organized, preventing tangles, and kinking. You can also buy retractable cable reels with built-in breakers, which will keep your garage from becoming a dangerous power surge.

Glass storage case for phone cords

A glass storage case is a great way to keep phone cords and earbuds in one place. You can purchase one at the dollar store or use a reusable travel cord case. Another solution to cord clutter is a multi-cord management clip. You can buy colorful cord management clips to store earbuds and phone cords. The case can double as a phone charger. Once the cords are all stored and ready to go, you can simply pull out the organizers and store them in them.

Using a surge protector

Organize extension cords in your garage with a surge protector. Almost every garage has at least one outlet, but it’s not always in a convenient location. You can use an extension cord for many different purposes, but it’s important to make sure the cord you use is long enough to reach the outlet. Using a surge protector will help prevent damage to electronics that have sensitive connections. Unlike extension cords, surge protectors do not have any flammable materials.

A surge protector provides outlets with 90-degree angles. Some surge protectors come with an outlet that acts as a cord wrap. Another type has five outlets on each side of the rectangular casing. This style is great for spaces with multiple outlets. It will prevent any electrical hazards and clutter from spreading throughout the garage. The Bestten surge protector is ideal for this type of garage. This cord protector will fit in an electrical outlet and not require any drilling.

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