How to Pair Linear Garage Door Opener

Having trouble pairing your linear garage door opener? Then read this guide to learn how to pair your door opener. This article will walk you through each step of the process, from connecting your transmitter to your receiver. Here are a few things to look for in your system. Specifically, make sure that you match the Internal Code Setting Switches on the transmitter and receiver. Then, assign the transmitter buttons to the garage door. Finally, set the small programming switch to SET or RUN. Once you have the wiring done, press the transmitter button to start testing and moving your door.

Beeps three times

If your Linear garage door opener is giving you beeps and flashes three times every time the door closes, there’s a good chance the problem is with the sensors. Check the LED lights on each side of the door to see if they’re both on. The sending sensor should have both green and red LEDs lit. If they’re off, the problem is likely with the safety sensor. In either case, try resetting the opener’s settings.

When the battery is low, your Linear garage door opener will beep three times. This means that the battery is no longer storing enough energy. To charge your battery, connect it to the AC power cable. Then, wait ten hours for the battery to fully charge. If the battery is still low, you can always install the Linear Battery Back-Up. If your battery does fail, you can connect the AC power cord to the controller and then the door will work again.

Flashes twice

If your linear garage door opener flashes twice when you pair it with your garage door, you may have a short in the wiring. Check the sending and receiving eye and make sure the wires are not connected to each other. If they are connected, then the safety sensor and motor unit are both in need of replacement. The problem might be something else. If the light does not glow after the wires are disconnected, you may need to replace the door opener’s logic board.

The cause of this issue is not as simple as a broken wire. The door may simply have a bad wired board. If you notice that the wires are damaged, you should replace them immediately. If the light is blinking twice, the problem may lie in the safety sensor. This sensor can be affected by obstructions, short circuits, or even a damaged wall station. Once the issue is resolved, the opener should work perfectly again.

Shorted battery

A faulty battery can lead to shorted signals. To ensure that you receive the right signals, the receiver must be at least three hundred meters away. If it is located at a distance of less than three hundred meters, you may have a damaged antenna. Lastly, you must make sure that the antennae of the linear garage door opener are facing the door and aren’t damaged. If this is not the case, you will have to replace the battery.

If the batteries of your Linear garage door opener are low, you should check the cables that run from your remote control to the device. If you notice any damage, you should replace them. Then, you must make sure that the AC power cable is properly connected to the receiver. Usually, a faulty battery takes at least ten hours to recharge. If you are unable to do so, you can connect a Linear Battery Back-Up device. This is an excellent replacement that can work for up to 10 hours.


If your Linear garage door opener is giving you trouble, this may be caused by a variety of reasons. For starters, it could be due to an obstruction, which is why you’re seeing the doors reverse course. These obstructions don’t have to involve photo-eyes; various objects may fall below them. Also, you should make sure that the sensors on either side of the door are facing the same direction. Make sure that both the green and red LEDs on the sending sensor are lit.

Another possible cause is a bad setting. If the sensor is set too high, it could trigger the opener to reverse. In such a case, the door will not close. However, it might be too low to prevent it from reversing if it detects an obstruction in its way. In this case, you can try the Linear 3 Button Deluxe Wall Station, which is an original manufacturer part.


If you want to know how to reset a linear garage door opener, you need to know the specific model of the unit. These openers have two main parts: a sending sensor and a receiving sensor. Make sure both of these are on and that they are facing the right way. If either of them is not, you need to reset the system. If this doesn’t work, you should seek professional help. Then, you can repeat the process for your other linear garage door openers.

If the remote controls haven’t been working properly or you have lost them, you need to reset the system. You can do this by erasing the memory or reprograming the wireless keypad or remote controls. To do this, press the LEARN button on the opener’s motor unit and hold it for at least six seconds. Then, wait until the light bulb starts flashing again to confirm the reset.

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